Chris Atkins: Lies and Truth - How to get to the truth of a story by telling lies

Chris' first doc, Taking Liberties, is about the loss of civil liberties in the UK and is a polemical and entertaining theatrical feature. In June 2007 the film was released theatrically and was one of the highest-grossing documentaries of 2007. Chris was nominated for a BAFTA – The Carl Foreman Award for best writer, director or producer in their first feature film. He has since produced a slew of controversial documentaries for both cinema and TV.

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    Penelope Fisher (Wednesday, 05 December 2012 12:44)

    Chris Atkins brilliant work, it was a fantastic talk. Keep the Truth coming!

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    Leilani Holmes (Friday, 15 March 2013 18:16)

    Chris Atkins is an incredible documentary filmmaker who's work makes us question the very nature of story and what and who it serves.